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What is CyberSecurity in the Ether?

A remote meetup bringing people together from across the globe to share and discuss all things Cyber Security.

How the event works.

Where is it?

The meetup is held online using Jitsi which means it’s wherever you are! There are 25 spaces available for each session and are booked through eventbrite.

What do I need to join?

Take a look at the remote meeting tips to learn more.

The principles of in the Ether

We have a few principles to make the meetups as enjoyable an experience as possible:

Remote first: everyone should be remote, this makes a level playing field. We embrace the opportunities and uniqueness of being remote, it is not about just trying to replicate a physical meet-up.

Intentional inclusivity: being remote allows people to join that who would otherwise be unable. Either because of location, travel time and cost restrictions or a number of other reasons. Being inclusive also means making sure that everyone has a chance to speak and engage in the conversations.

Respect and reciprocity: this means listening to each other’s questions, ideas and opinions; sharing ideas, stories and guidance and taking part to make a great event.

When is the next one?

Check to see if one has been announced on our eventbrite page

What was discussed at previous meetups?

March 2020 meetup

“This event is using the in the Ether format, for more info or to find out how to run your own meet-up in the Ether please see“